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3 Ways Promotional Products Make Your Business WORK

Every business is looking for the thing to take them to the “next level,” or put them over “the edge.” But how about focusing on actionable items that create real change for your organization? People have been handing out promotional products for years, and that’s because they work. Here are our top three ways that promotional products can give your business the boost it needs to succeed.


An attractive, useful promotional product that is truly unique can get people talking. If someone walks by your booth and notices something they’ve never seen before, they may stop, simply out of curiosity. The product is a great conversation starter as well, so you can introduce your company to prospective clients by opening the door with a unique product.


We’ve blogged before about how a quality branded item increases brand awareness by up to 69%. Promotional products are the perfect way to make your brand stick in a customer’s mind for long periods of time. Sure, you can run a TV or radio ad, but once your media buy is spent, the ad disappears. People may or may not have heard the ad, and chances are, won’t remember it. A tangible item that they will actually use (like a USB flash drive) is much more likely to stick around on their desks, in their purses or briefcases, and be used in their offices.


Of course you want to reach your target audience with your products, but the beauty of a promotional item that is easily transferred from one person to another is that you may reach an entirely new market. A USB flash drive can be used by a banker to show his potential clients products, which they in turn give to their college-aged son who uses it for class, which then gets turned into a college professor for a project. That professor may then consider that bank for his or her own financial needs. The possibilities are endless.

What does all this mean for your company? It means that manyusb offer a customized way to make your brand memorable.Contact us today for more information.

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