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Customized Tree Branch USB Flash Drive Bark Color To Promote Tourist Attractions

  • Model No.: 
  • Size: 
  • Material: 
     Soft PVC
  • Logo Option: 
  • Color: 
     Custom PMS Color
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The customized pvc tree branch usb flash drive is for a beautiful tourist attractions in China, do you know it? It is in Xin Jiang Province, named Habahe, the spring water is green, the sky is pure blue, the air is fresh, when you are in that place, you will forget all trouble things.

magnetic transparent plastic box for tree branch usb flash drive

Why they choose a tree branch shape usb flash drive with bark color? Because client's think it is nature, when people see it, they will think about beautiful nature. Inside the usb flash drive, there is a large tourist attractions' promotional video, i am sure you will be shocked when you see the very very beautiful scenery. These customized bark style usb flash drives will be given to the tourists who live in the hotel, as promotional giveaway gifts. 

free giveaways for tourist

The customized bark style usb flash drive is sure a very cost-effective advertisement. When tourists are back from the beautiful place, bringing the gifts usb flash drive home, they can not wait to share their experience to their friends, families, colleagues. People will look forward to go there and see the beautiful place themselves.

how to promote tourism

The customized usb flash drives is better marketing tool for tourist industry, it is cheap, but can let people see the beautiful scenery by their own eyes. People will keep the usb flash drives for a long time, they can take out the usb flash drive and look at the video again and again, this will bring a lots of new tourists.

bark color usb flash drive with preload video

What promotional gifts are good for tourist industry?

The traditional advertisement media for tourist industry is leaflet, but it has a problem, people will have a glance at it, and then throw it away. People will not keep it. It is one-off advertisement, not cost-effective, and see from the long run development, it is not strategic marketing tool.

customized tree branch usb flash drive

Why not choose our customized usb flash drives for your business? Everyone will keep it well, and people who get the promotional usb flash drives will be your propagandist. You will not know when they bring you new business chance.

promotional usb flash drive factory in china

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